Lifting tips
By Lady Serian, apprentice chirurgeon

Many of you are most kind and helpful, and have assisted in moving thrones or tables or other bulky and heavy oabjects.  I would like to help you do it in a way that will not give you a backache or, worse yet, a back injury.

So often, we do not think of how we use our bodies to accomplish tasks such as lifting.  I have so often witnessed people lifting with their tiny back muscles doing all the work.  Let me explain a little about the muscles.  The thighs have nice, big muscles designed to support us.  The low back has some of the smallest muscles in the body.  Let the thighs do the lifting and your body will be much happier.  Let your little tiny low back muscles do it, and you are asking for injury.

So how do you know the difference before you get hurt?  What I often tell my massage clients is: "Hold your load like your lover.  Keep it close and give it lots of support."  That means bend your knees, lift the load while holding it close to your torso, and  support it so that it can't slip from your hands and damage you.

Here are some other lifting and moving tips:

I hope these tips will help you.  If you have questions, you are most welcome to contact me at or 303-757-0645

Be well,

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