Fighter's Bill of Rights

Fighters in the Society are in many ways like the Air Force flyers I take care of in my mundane job: very independent - not wanting anyone to tell them what to do. This gets to be a real touchy situation in the Lists when a fighter is injured and does not want to leave the field, even though continuing may cause the injury to become worse. Society Law prohibits the Chirurgeon from removing a fighter from the field against their will. To help fighters and Chirurgeons work better together, let me present the "Fighter’s Bill of Rights" as written and presented at a Chirurgeon’s conference at Estrella War by Lady Selena D’Ambra in AS XXX, formulated as a statement from the fighter to the Chirurgeon:

If I refuse care and I am oriented and coherent (even if annoyed, preoccupied or angry), that is my LEGAL RIGHT.

It is up to me whether or not I go back to fighting. I am an adult with a signed waiver. If you feel I am in danger to other fighters or myself, tell a marshal of your concerns. But quietly please, so if either of us is wrong, neither of us will be embarrassed.

If I am injured, ask questions of and listen to me and my friends and family. Like me, they also know what is normal for me and how my armor goes on and comes off.

Before you do anything, from slapping a cool cloth on my neck to cutting my armor, ask me. Maybe I’ll like it, maybe I’ll club you like a baby harp seal.

Friar Galen

© 1997 Galen of Ockham (MKA Keith E. Brandt, M.D.)  May be used in SCA pubications as long as content is not modified and proper credit given. For all other uses, please contact the author at . The Fighter's Bill of Rights is ©Lady Selena D'Ambra, used with permission.

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